Qué es BFFood


It is the accelerator of the food sector of Galicia

Promoted by Xunta de Galicia and boosted by Clúster Alimentario de Galicia and leading companies in the food industry. It seeks to attract and promote innovative entrepreneurship projects, both from national and international origins, to face the challenges of the sector in a globalized world.

BFFood aims to implement support programs for entrepreneurship and consolidation of projects in the food sector and their transformation into innovative, viable and scalable companies.

BFFood is focused on solving the challenges posed by companies, for which launches a public call whose objective is to find, identify and select projects that are aligned with the resolution of the challenges and support them to reach the market with greater guarantees success.

What programs offer BFFood?

BFFood has two specific programs to support the participating projects: acceleration and consolidation. The programs are designed to boost projects according to their degree of development, from the initial idea with the acceleration program, to the consolidation of sales with the consolidation program.

The BFFood programs include mentoring, training, coaching, networking activities and access to a catalog of infrastructures, means and technical services that allow the projects to advance in the development of the entrepreneurial initiative. It should be noted that each of the projects has a specific mentor belonging to a leading company in the food sector to guide and facilitate its development in the ecosystem. Likewise, the projects will have access to specific financing in the form of non-refundable grants and participative loans, to encourage their take-off and consolidation.

Concept of environmental conservation in the garden for children.
Comprehensive support program specialized in the food sector of 9 months duration, focused on entrepeneurial initiatives in their initial phase which are developing or have developed a minimum viable product and have outlined a business model, aligned with any of the challenges that the food sector seeks to solve through BFF.


Comprehensive support program specialized in the food sector of 12 months duration, focused on (already) stablished companies with a defined product of service and first sales (already) made, aligned with any of the challenges that the food sector seeks to solve through BFF.


Why BFFood?

Group 26

Commercial outlet

Access to the value chain of the Galician food sector facilitating the attainment of first orders.
Group 27


Each of the projects will have a specific mentor belonging to one of the BFFood leading companies.
Group 29

Training program

The participants are creditors of a general training program and specific training adapted to their needs.
Group 28

Work place

The projects may be installed in any of the facilities made available by the collaborating entities of BFFood.

Infraestructures and technical means

The participating projects will have access to a catalog of infrastructures, means and technical services.
Group 30

Full cycle

BFFood has the capacity to cover the different stages of evolution of any entrepreneurial project.
Group 31


The projects will have economic support through GAIN and XESGALICIA.
Group 32


BFFood is to favor networking between the projects and institutions, companies and entities of the food sector.


Challenge 1

Digitalization & automatization

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
Integration of the information systems and infrastructures necessary from data capture, data processing and robustness, to processing and analysis with artificial intelligence tools for decision making.
Digital Twin
Advanced process simulation systems that ensure a rigorous control of systems to avoid problems, prevent downtime, test new business opportunities, plan future scenarios and customize production based on customer requirements through simulations.
IoT and sensors
Connected devices that allow “real time” inventory monitoring, predictive maintenance on machines and/or remote control of conditions to ensure the safety and quality of the final product, with special application in the HORECA channel.
Challenge 2

Traceability, quality and food safety

Paperless Quality Management Systems (QMS)
Systems that facilitate the generation, processing, archiving and consultation of information, both by the companies themselves and by the different agents involved in the entire food value chain, in a substantially more efficient, secure and reliable manner.
Automatic continuous measurement systems
Systems for the monitoring and quality control of food through the use of sensors that offer results of objective parameters that can be adapted to a line of processes.
Challenge 3


Smart Labeling
Comprehensive and customisable product labelling system that enables comprehensive traceability throughout the entire value chain. In particular, the aim is to optimise logistics and inventory management in controlled locations.
Loxistics 4.0
Solutions that optimise the supply chain. Particularly interesting are innovative systems which, by means of interconnection, new interfaces and/or new programmes, guarantee more efficient shipment management in anticipation of demand, a reduction in stocks and storages, route optimisation, geolocalisation of customers, knowledge of the location and traceability of goods.
Challenge 4


Innovative, sustainable packaging and new materials
Solutions that minimise the environmental impact due to the use of plastics in food packaging. Special interest is given to projects for new materials to replace plastic, which are totally biodegradable and guarantee the organoleptic characteristics of the packaged products.
Valuation of waste and co-products
To develop new products or new applications, by means of which it is possible to canalize supply and demand imbalances as well as food by-products, transforming them into innovative and healthy proposals for the industry and/or the final consumer.
New eco-efficient transformation processes adapted to demand
Solutions that facilitate the implementation or improvement of transformation processes to make them more eco-efficient. The aim is to make progress in the sustainable, efficient and optimised use of energy resources and raw materials, and to reduce as far as possible the waste and emissions generated in the production process of a given product.
Challenge 5

New product development

Healthy products and personalized nutrition
Novel food products, improved products and/or biotechnological food applications aimed at functional and nutraceutical food for health and active ageing.
New ingredients and properties
New biotechnological solutions, sustainable and organic substances that allow an organoleptic, nutritional or functional improvement of a food product.
Challenge 6

Process innovation and commercialization

Marketing and interaction with customers and consumers
New ICT solutions that accompany the value proposals of the food sector and involve new characteristics of interest to both customers and any other agent in the food value chain and which facilitate communication in both directions.
Challenge 7

Open challenge

Open Challenge
Any project that may be applicable to the food sector and that involves the introduction of some type of innovation or improvement. It is considered of interest any initiative/project that involves an innovation, in a broad sense for the food sector in Galicia, from the origin and treatment of raw materials through to fifth range products to close the food circle, seeking the circularity of the flow of products and services used in the various phases of the main value chain as well as the side links.

Training program

The participating projects in BFFood will have access to a specific training program according to their needs and degree of project development that will allow them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out their entrepreneurial projects. The training will be taught by experts from universities and among the different training modules are the following.

Training modules

Coaching program

The main purpose of the coaching program is to apply the knowledge acquired at the training program to the specific situation of each of the projects through the action of specialized coaches. These coaches, who will be accompanying the projects in each of the successive stages of development, must also evaluate their situation and issue thematic reports so that mentors and other organizations of the program have updated information about projects.


  • Opening of the 6th Edition

    October 2nd
  • Closing of the 6th Edition

    November 15th, 23:59
  • Interviews

    December 1st, 09:00
  • Notification of selected projects

    December 15th, 15:00
  • Program start

    January 26th, 2024

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