Promoted projects

IV Edition

  • TotalGAC-FOOD

    It is a vertical cybersecurity solution for the agri-food sector. This solution is conceived as an application that provides a […]

  • AOTECH - Aonir platform

    The AONIR platform aims to achieve more efficient and sustainable food production. It consists of two main components: optical sensors […]

  • KeyFruit

    Project developed by KeyBiological, which, based on its technology in the patent phase, seeks to obtain new molecules of interest […]

  • Entrii

    Project from Madrid that has developed a platform that, through Big Data and Machine Learning, allows companies in the food […]

  • Las Jellys – Unexpected Cocktails

    Project from Barcelona that sells spherified cocktails wrapped in jelly, with 19% alcohol. The unique combination of gelatin and liquid […]

  • ODS Protein

    This project, accelerated in the III Edition, produces mycoprotein of high nutritional value and in a sustainable way, with an […]

  • Nano Cell Farms

    Production of Nano Bacterial Cellulose (NBC) from different sources and substrates or agro-industrial residues. The main novelty of this project […]

  • Proplantae

    Project from Nigrán that offers phytopathological diagnosis services associated with fungal species and prescription of treatments for pathogens diagnosed with […]

  • Code Contract

    Code Contract is a digital platform to automate processes with a high document load, coordinating participants and centralizing the entire […]

  • Enzicas

    This project from Santiago de Compostela will allow the generation of a new food additive from the cultivation of the […]

  • Blue Marine Oil

    Blue Marine Oil develops additives and soluble antibacterial solutions for companies in the aquaculture sector, from marine oily residues and […]

  • Néboda Smart Factory 4.0

    This project based in Pontevedra and framed in the field of indoor vertical agriculture, has as its mission the production […]

  • Agro NM

    Agro NM was born within NEWMIND as a project for the development of a series of technological tools, both hardware […]

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