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VI Edition


    Development of a plug & play smart camera system based on AI to detect anomalies in the food production chain […]

  • Perusiñas

    Perusiñas develops cookies with local Galician raw materials, of the highest quality and organoleptic qualities, with 100% recyclable, reusable and […]

  • Salmoira

    Project focused on the revaluation of seafood products that will develop new recipes and flavors in its R&D&i laboratory, industrializing […]

  • Gradhoc

    Multi-protocol AI platform for asset monitoring and management, optimization and automation of refrigeration facilities, and preventive and predictive analysis.

  • Empromar

    Using models based on AI and digital twin, Empromar will implement a new toxic episode prediction system to optimize response […]

  • Agrolink

    The Agrolink project develops a range of services for agricultural producers through the complete digitization of the field notebook and […]

  • Ntente

    The Ntente project provides a new communication solution between consumer and manufacturer, optimizing the purchasing experience and maximizing the visibility […]


    The NIUFLY project of the company Beniu Soluciones, S.L. presents solutions for the diagnosis of crops and the application of […]

  • Amarela Leaf Whey

    This project aims to develop a new sustainable packaging solution for the dairy sector using paper created from food by-products […]

  • Fruiwa

    FRUIWA is a new healthy powdered soft drink packaged in 3 gram sachets with all the flavor of fruit and […]

  • IMPACT Upcycled Foods

    The IMPACT Upcycled Foods project develops functional and upcycled products by revalorizing the by-products of the food industry.

  • Simbiosis Acuícola

    Simbiosis Acuícola is a project of the company Bioremed Algae, S.L. which proposes the development of an algae cultivation solution […]

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