About us


Cafés Candelas Alejandro Álvarez Chief Financial Officer
Galacteum Ángel Pereira Chief Innovation Officer
Gadisa Beatriz Prieto Data Analysis Manager
Vegalsa - Eroski Gabriela González Director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Clavo Food Factory Ignacio Losada Deputy Director General and Production Manager
CEAMSA Pedro Arenas Institutional Relations and Open Innovation
Quescrem Sergio Martínez
CAPSA FOOD (Larsa) Rubén Hidalgo Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Casa Grande de Xanceda Marcos Ellacuriaga Head of Projects and Sustainability
Hijos de Rivera Yago Campos R&D&i manager
CLUN Ismael Martínez R&D Department


Xunta de Galicia through IGAPE, GAIN and XESGALICIA promote BFFood, favoring the environment, as well as providing the institutional support and resources.

The Food Cluster of Galicia, CLUSAGA, plays the role of BFFood's Management Team, coordinating, managing and dynamizing the accelerator and the different agents that intervene at this open ecosystem.

Executive Committee

BFFood’s Executive Committee is integrated by Xunta de Galicia through Instituto Galego de Promoción Económica (Igape), Axencia Galega de Innovación (Gain) and Sociedad Xestora de Entidades de Inversión de Tipo Cerrado (XesGalicia), in addtion to Clúster Alimentario de Galicia (Clusaga) and Nueva Pescanova.

Technical committee

The entities of the Technical Committee respond to the queries addressed to them regarding both the thematic orientation and the challenges of the program as well as the evaluation and follow-up of the participating projects in any of the phases. They also assume the implementation of the training program and the catalog of infrastructures, means and technical services.

Leading companies

BFFood has the participation of leading companies in the sector that contribute with knowledge, dedication and resources to the dynamization of the accelerator and to the mentoring of the participating projects.