1st Edition


Project that allows farmers to operate and manage their crops for free in a more comfortable and efficient way. The system provides three main functions: pest and disease alerts, weather information and digital field notebook. With it the possibility of digitizing any agricultural production is offered.

Mentorized by the Martin Codax and Kiwi Atlántico winery tractors.

CERTO: Full traceable label

It allows the certification of inviolable form of the origin of a product to guarantee with certainty its origin. In addition, to provide, through augmented reality exploitable via app on mobile devices, attractive information for the client, which promotes the product and the excellences of its origin. 

Mentorized by the tractor company Cooperativas Lácteas Unidas (CLUN).

Essence Food

Development of new food and non-food products from surpluses, transforming them with their own technology into high value-added products aimed at personalizing the needs of the consumer and maintaining traceability from their cultivation or production to their packaging and delivery to the customer.

Mentorized by the tractor company Grupo Nueva Pescanova.

Monkey Markets

Online B2B tool that makes it easier for European food manufacturers to sell in China and Chinese importers to buy in Europe. Through the use of big data technologies, analytics, web scraping, business intelligence and metasearch engine, it provides an organized, complete and specific method to facilitate internationalization in Asian purchases.

Mentorized by the Quescrem tractor company.


Virtual cloud platform powered through internet of things (IoT) systems that allows replicating any physical manufacturing plant in real time and optimizing manufacturing processes, using prediction and prescription algorithms, based on advanced analytics and learning techniques automatic. Its scope is the curing of hams and the improvement of its final texture.

Mentorized by the tractor company Torre de Núñez.

Minerva by MUUTECH

Monitoring platform that allows data collection from any source, add and analyze them in real time. Through all this, it establishes alerts based on historical and automated actions that facilitate companies the optimization of their processes and costs, making informed decisions quickly.

Mentorized by the tractor company Calvo.